Check out the wildflowers we planted on the border of our garden… hoping to encourage pollinators – side benefit – they look great too

Next year I am going to make the garden border of wildflowers even wider… this year it’s about 18″. Next year I am thinking 3 feet might be nice.

I think these look like a great option for next year: Mix of 21 Different Varieties

wildflowersWide Variety Of Seeds: Our wildflower seeds will provide you with a vibrant selection of flowers in your garden. You will get 21 different varieties of annual seeds including Black Eyed Susans, California Bluebells, African Daisies and more.

Excellent Germination Rate: When you plant our wildflower seeds, you can trust that they will take root and grow to be healthy and beautiful. With 4x more seeds, your wildflower garden will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Great For Birds, Bees, and Butterflies: The flower seeds for planting outdoors are perfect for bringing butterflies, bees, and birds to your yard. The butterfly garden seeds are highly attractive to these creatures and will encourage them to visit often.

Create A Lovely Garden: This wild flowers seed mix will sow a garden of around 400 square feet. The 21 different varieties of American annual flower seeds will be a plethora of colors and will grow 24-36 inches tall.

Safe For Nature And For You: Our non-GMO wildflower seeds are pure seed with no filler. All the seeds contained in our wildflower seeds are safe for planting. Both you and flower-loving creatures can enjoy your beautiful garden.

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