Watermelon Hammock

watermelon hammockYou might be asking “What the heck is a watermelon hammock?” …and you would not be alone. When I first started researching how and what to grow vertically – I was surprised to learn that watermelons are perfect for growing on trellises. The only issue with grown things vertically that naturally grow horizontally on the grown is you quickly find out that the fruit needs to be supported.

If you don’t support the fruit it will break off under its own weight.
Let your melons dangle, with this melon hammock, you are able to just let it all go and dangle free!! Worked great for growing cantaloupe on a vertical trellis. They simply fell into the cradle when the were fully ripened.

Solution: Watermelon Hammock

There are lots of ways to make a hammock – but so far using pantyhose is easy and cost-effective. Yes, pantyhose!

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